“Is this it?”



“Are you sure you reall.. Actually no I’m not going to give you the courtesy to bow out. I will tell you Dani Raine what I know about you just from our short conversation.” Gerard paused partially for a dramatic flare and partially to take a second to breathe. “Well as we…

Gerard laughed “Why thank you Danielle but the science of deduction isn’t reserved for Mr Holmes plus if I were one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters I think I would be more suited for the role of Moriaty.” He could see the internal battle Dani faced and it pleased him to no end. He realised that she was going to join hin in the game and he reveled in that fact. His smirk grew wider as she continued until her comment on family. Although his face held the same smirk he felt his eyes flash in anger for a second or two and he himself felt that momentary rage.

Yet he could not help but be slightly impressed very few had guessed. “Very good Danielle, yes I was a Swiss guard for several years but it was hardly as exhilarating as it sounds. As for love.. well women have only ever managed to capture my eye for one thing and it certainly wasn’t love. Once again I must commend you on your deduction however I would hardly call it a wound, a scratch would be a more sufficient word. Can you guess how it was inflicted?” Gerard realised that his question was making the game more dangerous for himself but found he couldn’t help himself.

“Is this it?”


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