“Those stupid bitches, I couldn’t and never have given a flying fuck about my ‘parents’” Gerard said his eyes again flashing with rage but his voice and face were completely calm, Giulia had always been terrified when he spoke like that. She had said that he looked…

Gerard felt a sense of satisfaction as Dani curled her fists and relived every painful burning moment. The venom in her voice didn’t surprise him, it was hardly something new to him. What did however was the conviction which lay underneath and what ultimatly fueled her poisonous tone.

Gerard scoffed “You think I don’t know pain, all my childhood and early vampiric life I knew pain. It was all I knew, now I’m just numb, I felt so much as a child that my heart just burst and emotions just floated away like leaves in the wind.  You stupid girl, Jesus fucking Christ. You saw one insignificant wolf burn.. I saw my family drained dry because I said no to one stupid fucking bastard. Dio! I bloody well know what pain is and I dealt with it. My way. I got my revenge, I avenged my family you sat and wallowed for what the past century! So don’t you tell me about dealing. I know all about curses darling Danielle and my inability to love is a blessing not a curse. Don’t misunderstand I know all about the power of love but I was not born to love. You really think I give a shit if in 500 years time or in the next millenium people don’t mention my name, no I’d rather be forgotton than remembered as the vampire couldn’t get over the death of her lover. I’d rather be the vampire no one gave a shit about than the vampire everybody pitied.” Gerard said his voice trembling with rage, he saw Dani begin to walk away and grabbed her arm throwing her against the wall. “You should never turn your back Danielle, you don’t know what will happen. I suppose talking about your wolf has left you wanting to run and cry, so I’ll leave you with a few parting words.” Gerard leaned in so his mouth was centimetres away from Dani’s ear and whispered in the most venomous tone he could “I hope he continues burning in hell for all eternity and I hope that when you meet again he hates you for making him burn, that he regrets ever laying eyes on you Danielle Raine.” With that Gerard pulled away and waited. Waited for the terror and tears and hate which would surely cross her face and he waited with pleasure.


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