Dani was taken back by his reaction, although she should have seen it coming. She stared back at him, in shock for someone who didn’t care, he certainly was holding back a flood of emotions. Taunting, goading and ultimately insulting a Clan leader as she had been doing. She knew that walking away wasn’t wise but she wanted out of this conversation and her hazardous guess had been right. She hissed when he pressed her against the wall, a sense of panic momentarily passing over her, as she struggled against his grasp, freezing instantly as he whispered in her ear. He took a step back, and she stood there for a moment completely still, not meeting his gaze. When she finally looked up at him, her eyes were cold and insentient and without warning slapped him across the face.

“Now that we both have something off our systems, the world might not know your story but I do, and I pity you. On another note, you have no idea what I have been through either, I lost my family who rejected me, my clan and subsequently my home. I haven’t been wallowing in my own misery for the past century, I’ve been surviving, I may not have taken revenge, but what does that gain me? Nothing, there is nothing that I can do to bring him back. What did it gain you?We both knew the consequences of our actions, I was prepared to die but here I am alive and cursed with the memory of his death by my Clan leader. So, if you don’t mind I will be going to get myself something to drink,” she answered slowly, her voice void of any emotion. With a final bow of her head she turned once more before pausing. “Don’t touch me again.”

Gerard had been revelling in Dani’s face before she smacked him Well I suppose I deserved that… He stood silent face down as she conducted a little speech, it was only when she walked away did he answer. “Pity me? Why in Hell would you pity me? So we’ve both lost family, yay. You lost your home, and family. I lost everything. Again, yay, being turned has just been so much fun.”

“You may have been surviving Danielle but you haven’t been living. That’s the difference, that’s what revenge gave me. The chance to carry on living.  That and a clan.” Dani walked away only turned back to warn him about touching her. Gerard followed quickly catching up “If you don’t mind I’ll join you for that drink. Suffice to say if you hit me again I’ll do more than throw you in a wall.”


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