“If you ask Artemis I’m an asshole period. So again you’re wrong. Plus technically Artemis and I aren’t even dating. I never asked.” Gerard paused thinking for a second “Actually we haven’t been on a date.”

‘Gerard, everyone thinks that you’re an asshole,’ she scoffed with a laugh, before staring at the clan leader in shock. They’d never been on a date? Now that was news to her. ‘Never? Never ever …?’ Dani asked, speechless for a moment as she took that piece of news, ‘Like not even for drink? Gerard! Are you kidding me?! How have you not taken her on a date?! You’ve known each other for years?’

“Have I ever disputed that fact?” He asked before smirking at her reaction to the fact that he and Artemis hadn’t actually gone on a date. “We’ve been out for drinks many a time but none of them could be considered dates. It hasn’t exactly been hard, we just never had.” Gerard shrugged


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