This is Gerardo Beltrano. There isn't much to say about the 29-year-old Vampire. Most people see Francois Arnaud when they look at him, but he denies it anyway. When he goes into battle, he carries a Seraph Blade. Unfortunately, Gerardo is currently taken.

“Nothing burns like the cold.”

 ⤐ George R.R. Martin 【A Clash of Kings】

Behind the veil of pretension…

Trigger Warning: Physical Abuse, Alcoholism, Blood

Gerard was born in 1475, he believes it was March but back then no one really knew when a child was born and that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they lived. He had been born in Italy to a small peasant family, his mother had originally come from Spain, his father Italian. He cared for neither. His father Alfonso, was a drunken idiot who only came home to beat his mother or gloat in her face about all the women he’d slept with. As the eldest, he dutifully shielded his younger siblings and, when possible, his mother from his father’s drunken attacks. His mother, Esperanza, was ill-named. She had no hope left in her and made sure her children knew it so first chance he got, Gerard left the house. He was not alone, and although he may not have loved his parents, he wasn’t totally careless. When leaving, Gerard brought his siblings with him: Giorgio, Giacomo and Giulia, the only people he had loved.

Gerard got a job as a soldier for the Swiss guards, looking after the Pope and when he was old enough, Giacomo joined him while Giorgio became a priest. For the first time their lives seemed happy, they smiled and laughed and even got married. Well, Gerard didn’t, but none of the girls captured his fancy well not for long enough. Gerard was definitely a charmer. He always had a girl on his arm but they never lasted and he eventually got bored and tossed them to one side. His parents’ marriage had made him disdainful and bitter. His siblings often said that he was married to his job and that suited him just fine.

Then one night while on guard he was attacked and bitten by a vampire. The next time he woke up he had to drag himself out of a grave craving for blood. He drank his fill that night quite guiltily and he didn’t understand what was going on, so the next morning he tried to visit his sister and her family. When he went into the sun it burned him. He was shocked but his maker found him a week later and explained. He had tried to get Gerard to join his clan but when Gerard refused, he found his family all slaughtered by the beast who had turned him. He may have been a bitter man before but now Gerard was seething with anger and he joined the clan biding his time. Not even a year later Gerard was clan leader, his cunning and new found thirst for blood leading him on. But that was over 555 years ago, now Gerard has heard of the new Law and rushed to the nearest Institute. He didn’t really care for either side; he just wants blood.

This is who he truly is…

  • Ruthless — he does not care for anyone and prioritizes his blood lust over everything else
  • Cunning — he overthrew his maker and became the leader of a clan in less than a year
  • Bitter — he doesn’t believe in notions of love, as a result from his parents’ failed marriage

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